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  • A basic D.Look account is free. Premium account costs 9 990 CZK ex VAT per year.
  • With a Premium account, you get access to predictions for hundreds of macroeconomic and financial time series. These forecasts will make your business and financial planning easier. You will also get access to advanced visualization tools where you can compare each time series and its predictions with each other. You can also download the time series and their predictions in the data format of your choice and use them, for example, for modelling.
  • Just click on "Activate premium", fill in your registration details and send them to us. We will process your data and then send you the payment details. As soon as we receive the payment, we will activate your D.Look Premium account and you will be able to use it to its full potential.
  • Please be patient. It takes some time for internal processes to verify the client. If nothing happens for a longer period of time, you can contact us at cedlook@deloittece.com. We will let you know what stage your data processing is at.
  • This should not happen. Once the amount has been credited to our account, then your Premium account will be automatically activated. Please check if you have successfully made the payment.
  • Please email us at cedlook@deloittece.com. It is possible that this is an error in our databases.
  • Economic forecasts are the output of the Deloitte macroeconomic model. It is a semi-structural macroeconomic model that models all the important linkages in a small open economy. The model is made up of several interrelated blocks - national accounts, real economy, prices, monetary and financial sector, external sector and government sector. The model respects the macroeconomic identities in the economy. The primary economy modelled is the Czech economy. The forecast of external developments is taken from the International Monetary Fund. The model is continuously updated and further developed.


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